Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2019

Random: The Cast Of Avengers: Endgame Take A Break To Play Tetris On Game Boy

Meanwhile Zac Efron and friends are sledging down a snowy towering depredation in their manlyness display a star how extreme, outdoorzy and furious they can be. Boring, we just…I can’t. Lol 😆

I hatred snowboarding(only thing healthy/sportsy we do is weight lifting literally each day solely Sundays and eating healthy 95% of a time, to demeanour and feel my best) I’d rather play tetris. Chris evens carmine Johanson win. they know whete a at.

I dont caring about using a marathon or climbing a mountain. we wish a date with proprietor immorality 2 so we can thrust into a offensive star that is racoon city and make out with william birkin’s large slimey eye round arm.. This post was stupid.

Also, super favourite cinema suck. They’re removing purty lameeee, formulaic and totally overaaturated.

Dragon Ball Z did it 100x improved and that came out in a late 80s and early 90s. Once we knowledge a badassary and epicness that is vegeta(just one example. Especially Majin vegeta) you’ll realize how next level it is and how that no super favourite live movement film will ever start to review 😉

hurrrr, a marvel universe. What overpaid actor will emergence a subsequent set of spandex and tights and save a day from a unholy army of sore waddish evil?……Matt daemonnn

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