Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019

Random: Talented Individual Creates Arcade Stick For Nintendo’s Virtual Boy

The BX-240 in all a glory.
The BX-240 in all a glory.

The Virtual Boy was zodiacally panned by critics and goes down in story as Nintendo’s worst complement of all-time. Despite this, a 32-bit table-top console with a red monochrome head-mounted arrangement has still managed to rise a cult following over a years.

Surprisingly, there’s even a understanding homebrew village nutritious a complement – assisting make adult for a miss of games on a device. Now, an sold by a name of Benj Edwards has combined what is “possibly a world’s first” Virtual Boy fighting stick. The BX-240 is designed for use with a unaccepted Virtual Boy pier of Street Fighter II, famous as Hyper Fighting.

The arcade-style section started out as a BX-250 – a “less traditional” arcade hang for ubiquitous purpose use that resembles a identical blueprint to a strange Virtual Boy controller. Take a demeanour below:

Play any genre with a BX-250.
Play any genre with a BX-250.

For a fighting chronicle of a stick, Edwards crushed together a pattern of an existent Super Nintendo joystick he had combined (the BX-110) and his BX-250. The BX-240 caters essentially to fans of this genre with a gentle six-button arcade-style layout, permitting on-screen moves to be exquisitely executed. As for a buttons and stick, Edwards sourced a best tools from Japanese manufacturer Sanwa Denshi – a same association providing tools for complicated arcade units.

The downside to all of this is a fact you’ll need to possess a Virtual Boy and somehow obtain a duplicate of Hyper Fighting to be means to suffer this device. Even then, Edwards has no skeleton to mass furnish these sold arcade sticks, as he did with a Super Nintendo one he created, though is now holding a tiny collection of orders around Twitter.

Is a Virtual Boy arcade hang something you’ve always wanted? Tell us below.

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