Published On: Wed, Apr 29th, 2020

Random: Switch Fans React To EA’s Partnership With Google Stadia

Oh well, it was to be expected, a singular preference of EA, though this association has some ideas that we do not even know better, however, what @graysoncharles mentions is true, as Nintendo does not have a vast online infrastructure such as have other consoles and some-more Google Stadia, and as it has been seen given a Wii U, EA will not support Nintendo much, until that infrastructure improves as it “should be” and allows EA to do whatever it is with a games.

As we said, from EA, usually 4 IP’s are my favorites, but:
Need For Speed (the final diversion “could” be interesting, maybe)
Burnout (well, there will be a Burnout for a Switch, though it is a final chronicle of a diversion from some-more than 10 years ago!!!!)
Sim City (after a disaster of 2013, well…, there is still some life in a android version, we guess)
The Sims / MySims (My Sims R.I.P …. * whine *, The Sims, well, we consider it’s still a “decent” diversion …)

It will still be a dream if one of these games came as it should be and some-more on a Nintendo platform.

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