Published On: Thu, Apr 30th, 2020

Random: Someone’s Made A Game Boy Game That Can Control Their Air Conditioning

Gbc AirconGbc AirconJinGen Lim

No matter how many Game Boy games we have knocking around during home, we gamble we don’t have any utterly like this one.

After receiving a Game Boy Color as a gift, Singapore-based developer JinGen Lim motionless to make use of a complement in a flattering astonishing way. You see, in further to a Color’s new estimate speeds and a colour screen, a Game Boy’s inheritor also featured an infrared pier (that black rectangle on a top), and JinGen Lim suspicion that this could make for a singular atmosphere conditioning controller.

After a bit of research, they stumbled opposite a Mission Impossible diversion that could record and replay infrared signals. This valid that a aircon remote speculation could work, and they started to square together all else indispensable to build it, including a illicit diversion cartridge and a programming card.

From there, things get a small some-more complicated. Infrared remotes use a array of light flashes to work a device they’re being forked at, and a patterns used can change between devices. Thanks to this, JinGen Lim had to solder a handle to a strange remote’s IR emitter and offshoot that adult to a mechanism to constraint a signals sent out, all in a bid to know how they competence go about programming such a underline inside a Game Boy cart.

You can see accurately how all of this was achieved by checking out JinGen Lim’s full blog post, though here’s a final result:

What a splendidly stupid approach to get artistic with a Game Boy but carrying to so most as hold a complement itself. We’d utterly like Game Boy remotes for all around a residence now!

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