Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

Random: Series Director Discusses The Mystery Behind Kirby’s Feet


Oh Kirby, we darling small blob of joy. The star of his really possess franchise, favourite of a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate apocalypse, and all-round loveable gaming icon, Kirby is no doubt a renouned figure among readers of this really site. Despite his fame, though, one very important doubt remains: what accurately is contained within those shoes?

You competence have seen some uncanny and smashing images mocked adult by fans over a years, forgetful about what Kirby’s feet competence demeanour like. A bizarre subject to consider about, perhaps, though he has always ragged those hulk span of boots and we’ve never seen what’s underneath. Does he have abnormally vast feet that are about half a distance of his body?

What on earth is this?Aaronitmar

Well, Kotaku recently put this really doubt to HAL Laboratory’s director, Shinya Kumazaki, anticipating to figure out a poser once and for all. Surprisingly, while not utterly giving divided a secret, Kumazaki common some engaging sum about a judgment behind Kirby’s design.

“It’s really a singular question…I couldn’t assistance shouting a bit. But I’m fearful a puzzling combination of Kirby’s physique is tip secret.”

“I would like to speak a small bit about conceptualizing a using animation where Kirby’s feet flog out into a atmosphere while using opposite a ground. Kirby’s physique is singly made compared to us humans, though a animation we designed is suggestive of transformation that’s not so opposite from humans walking. It was combined formed on a thought of a tellurian using energetically, with a thighs, knees, and ankles invisible, though though accounted for.”

He goes to review Kirby’s transformation to that of a “lively child using around in a far-reaching meadow”, as if a thought of Kirby carrying invisible knees and ankles wasn’t adequate for one day. We competence not have a answer, though it’s engaging to see how his animation was imagined.

Just another day in a universe of gaming.

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