Published On: Fri, Feb 28th, 2020

Random: Sega Just Issued A Patch Which Protects Your Sensitive Eyes From Vocaloid Panties


Patches are an critical partial of gaming in a complicated era, and concede developers to tweak aspects of a diversion as good as repair issues that have slipped by contrast into a final product.

They also assent companies to scold annoying mistakes, as is a box with a Switch pretension Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix. When it was reported online that a diversion mostly gave players a brief (no joke intended) glance of a underwear of several ‘Vocaloid’ characters, Sega announced that it would be traffic with a emanate as shortly as possible.

It wasn’t joking, either. The ‘Version 1.03’ refurbish went live yesterday and solves a grievous panty problem with evident effect.

If you’d like to gawp during a disgusting images as they seemed pre-patch, we can find them next (with a filter applied, thankfully):

Version 1.03 also offers a following additional fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in Arcade Mode where a Slide Note sound outcome happens twice
  • Fixed a bug in Mix Mode where a prolonged note is wrongly displayed smoothly
  • Fixed a bug in Mix Mode’s classification selector
  • Fixed a BGM/note synchronization emanate with a strain ジターバグ (Jitaabagu)
  • Fixed a problem with a endorsed songs module
  • Fixed a timing problem after a actor exits use mode
  • Fixed control issues with a 2nd and 3rd DLC packs
  • Fixed other issues not listed above

Thank integrity for that, eh? The diversion has been reliable for a western recover this year when it will presumably arrive but a singular unintended panty shot in sight.

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