Published On: Sun, Apr 12th, 2020

Random: #RipFortnite Is Trending On Twitter, As Players Protest Against Current State Of The Game


The hashtag #RipFortnite is trending on Twitter – with some-more than 30k tweets during a time of essay – as players criticism opposite a stream state of Epic’s free-to-play conflict royale, Fortnite. Admittedly, utterly a lot of these tweets are also seeking what a tab is referring to, while some players are even regulating a same tab to urge a game.

According to, there doesn’t seem to be a specific reason, other than a fact a diversion is apparently not what it used to be like. Some discontented fans contend it’s tied to a skill-based matchmaking – presumably creation a diversion reduction fun to play, and distant some-more serious. Others, though, are angry about a new server issues a diversion has been pang from since so many people around a creation are self-isolating.

Here’s a round-up of some of a tweets:

Of course, Fortnite is not unequivocally dead. It’s distant from it given a distance of a actor bottom and a accessibility opposite all complicated devices. A lot of people who cite other conflict royale games are now also regulating a hashtag to poke fun during it, and as remarkable in one of a tweets above, a same players are expected to lapse to a game.

Do we play Fortnite? How have we found a diversion in new times? Is it improved or worse? Share your possess thoughts in a comments below.

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