Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2019

Random: Reggie Shows Off More Of His Retirement Gifts On Twitter

Reggie Gift

Reggie Fils-Aimé has now strictly left a building. After many years of “kickin’ ass”, “takin’ names” and “makin’ games”, he’s finally late from his purpose as a boss during Nintendo of America. On a and side, he’s motionless to open a Twitter comment and is already bombarding his supporters with lots of engaging Nintendo-related photos.

This time around, he’s common some some-more cinema of a gifts and souvenirs he perceived during a final of his retirement events. This follows on from a special portrayal Geoff Keighley gave him. As we can see above and below, he got some poetic design from Retro Studios, a hulk Mario Statue and even scored an aged Virtual Boy. Here’s a full rundown:

“Last of my retirement events was final night. Received some smashing gifts and souvenirs. Yes, that is a operative Virtual Boy. Art from Retro Studios. Notebook for names taken. A cosmetic donkey to kick. A book of records from employees. And a Mario statue. End of an era.”

Reggie Gift
Reggie Gift
Reggie Gift

Reggie Fils-Aimé – Congratulations on your retirement and years of dedicated service. From all your friends during Nintendo and fans around a world.

What do we consider he’ll post about now that he’s finished adult with Nintendo? Tell us down in a comments.

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