Published On: Thu, Nov 14th, 2019

Random: Puma Might Actually Be Releasing Sonic’s Movie Shoes

Sonic The Hedgehog

This week, we finally got to see a redesigned chronicle of Sonic a Hedgehog in a new trailer for his arriving movie.

We even followed this adult with a gallery – comparing a strange trailer to a new one, to assistance uncover a extreme improvements that had been done to a blue blur’s design. Part of a change was a span of new shoes. While a code is still Puma, these new kicks now indeed resemble a ones Sonic wears in a video games.

If you’ve always wanted to run as quick as Sonic, we might shortly be means to. During an sell on Twitter recently, a Sonic fan asked Puma when Sonic’s new film kicks would be adult for pre-order. This was a German shoes company’s reply:

Hey, stay tuned to for recover updates.

As general as this competence sound, it was clearly adequate to send Sonic fans into a frenzy. Now, all we need is for another code to discharge his gloves.

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