Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

Random: PS5 Controller’s Create Button Looks Honkingly Familiar

PS5 DualSense ControllerPS5 DualSense Controller

Yesterday, Sony suggested a arriving PlayStation 5’s code new controller, a DualSense. Our chums over during Push Square have sum on all we need to know about if you’re meditative of grabbing a PS5 after this year, though we couldn’t assistance though notice one tiny – and very silly – fact ourselves.

Actually brought to a courtesy interjection to a chatter below, we’ve realised that a controller’s glossy new ‘Create’ symbol looks strangely familiar. We’re not certain what a pattern is unequivocally ostensible to paint exactly, though it certain does demeanour an awful lot like a honk of everyone’s favourite indie goose.

Since rising on Switch final September, Untitled Goose Game has also waddled on over to a PS4. If a supplement should be expelled after down a line on PS5, wouldn’t that only make for a ideal honk button?

Do we like a new PS5 controller design? Think it’ll be any nicer than a Switch’s Pro Controller? Give us a honk in a comments.

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