Published On: Thu, Jun 4th, 2020

Random: Poor Old Sakurai Can’t Even Reveal What Games He’s Playing Anymore

Suepr Smash Bros. UltimateSuepr Smash Bros. Ultimate© Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai likes to play video games only as most as his fanbase, yet due to his purpose as a executive of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he has to practice extreme counsel nowadays.

Even yet he plays “a lot” of games in his gangling time, in his latest Famitsu mainstay this week, Sakurai explains how it’s got to a indicate where he can no longer concede people to “find out” a forms of games he’s playing. He also has to uncover some patience on amicable media and says he can no longer attend events highlighting specific games since of probable DLC speculation.

Here’s a translation, pleasantness by Oni_Dino of Nintendo Everything:

I routinely play a ton of games, yet if people find out what kinds of games I’m playing, they have a bent to start creation a bitch over, ‘Did Sakurai only endorse so-and-so for Smash?!’ These misunderstandings widespread like wildfire quite in countries abroad. we have to be intensely careful, so we don’t write about what I’m personification on Twitter, and we have to decrease appearing on TV shows or programs that prominence a specific game.

As noted, his supporters can get carried divided – quite a ones abroad, and afterwards misunderstandings widespread like wildfire. Even when he tweets a design from Smash Bros. it can outcome in ongoing speculation. Just final week, for example, he common an picture of Samus and her gunship, and well…as we can imagine, some people suspicion it was a sign.

So, what did we learn today? It’s that Sakurai enjoys personification and articulate about games, and it doesn’t indispensably meant all he says or does is a spirit about a DLC fighters entrance to Smash Bros. Ultimate in a future.

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