Published On: Tue, Nov 19th, 2019

Random: Pokémon Sword And Shield’s Ending Has A Pretty Embarrassing Mistake


We’re resolutely of a opinion that Pokémon Sword And Shield – while not ideal – is a excellent video diversion that has clearly had a lot of blood, persperate and tears invested in it. However, it would seem that in a bid to get a pretension to market, developer Game Freak slipped adult a small when it came to formulating a ending.

During a finish credits for a game, a rodent cursor is clearly seen floating around a screen. The video is shown below, and it goes though saying, if you’d rather not have a apportionment of a finale busted for we before we see it yourself, afterwards navigate divided from this page as discerning as we can – this is spoiler territory.

Still here? Good, afterwards watch a video here to see what we mean.

Now, on initial inspection, we might be tempted to assume this is some kind of elaborate joke, though other videos have cropped adult online that uncover a same mistake.

We’d suppose this problem will be patched out of a diversion flattering quickly, though it done us chuckle, during least.

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