Published On: Sat, Jun 27th, 2020

Random: Pokémon GO Grandpa’s Amazing Phone Rig Has Gigantamaxed

Pokemon Go GrandpaPokemon Go Grandpayanwu0701, Facebook

Back in 2018, a afterwards 70-year-old Chen San Yuan rose to celebrity among a Pokémon GO village after he was speckled with a severely considerable bike supply that authorised him to use 11 phones during once, assisting him to locate and develop singular Pokémon. Two years later, it would seem that it’s not only his Pokémon that are evolving, though also a male himself.

His setup has been tweaked several times over a past integrate of years – including a chronicle of a strange supply that could be strapped to his physique to travel and play, rather than cycle – though certainly he’s now reached his final form? New snaps uncover a ‘Pokémon Grandpa’ with this comprehensive behemoth of a setup that supports no reduction than 64 phones.

How on Earth do we keep lane of 64 opposite Pokémon GO accounts during a same time?

Pokemon Go GrandpaPokemon Go Grandpayanwu0701, Facebook

If we had to guess, we’d contend his perspective of a highway forward competence be slightly vaporous there, though all health and reserve concerns aside, what implausible dedication.

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