Published On: Fri, Jun 5th, 2020

Random: Pirate Metal Band Alestorm’s Latest Album Features Several Donkey Kong References

Alestorm - Curse of a Crystal CoconutAlestorm - Curse of a Crystal Coconut© Alestorm

It’s always flattering cold saying Nintendo games being referenced in your favourite films or music, so take a demeanour during Curse of a Crystal Coconut, a new manuscript from Scottish steel band, Alestorm.

You can substantially consider of one anxiety immediately – yes, a Crystal Coconut is an object found in Donkey Kong 64, used to fuel any Kong’s Barrel ability. It indeed initial seemed in a Donkey Kong Country charcterised array before a N64 debut, that is some-more than adequate reason for us to benefaction this full part (you’ll be blissful we watched it for a thesis strain if zero else):

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