Published On: Tue, Mar 5th, 2019

Random: One Tiny Fix Could Make Sonic’s Movie Appearance So Much Better

@BenAV it’s not as “good” as other 3d sonic’s, like sonic unleashed, sonic colors or sonic journey 1 sonic journey 2 on sega dreamcast, though it is approach improved than sonic mislaid universe or sonic generations (i hated generations … bad controls)

but a best games are still his aged mega expostulate games, generally sonic 3 knuckles, followed by sonic mania.

but i’ve enjoyed all his games. a usually diversion i have never played is sonic boom, though i never had a wii u … so ;P

his best 3d plattform diversion from a past years, in my oppinion is unleashed, followed by forces.

best other diversion is sonic all stars transformed. i frkn adore that diversion on pc (xbox 360 chronicle is bad, due to framerate issues)
hope group sonic racing will be as good as remade

but yeah, i never would call army a bad game. it was brief and a song from a classical sonic stages is horrible, though for 40 bucks a a decent diversion with 8 hours of playtime. and i am still personification it, collecting all a equipment for a avatar. generally a OST is good

for me, a many terrible diversion in a past 10 years was new super mario bros u fine … omg …for a 60€ labelled diversion …it’s short, it looks ugly, like a peep diversion … that is what i call a bad game, even when i bought it hahaha. and a song … ear cancer alarm hahaha. i def. cite a 3d mario games like universe or fever …. i will never buy a 2d mario again xD

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