Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

Random: Nintendo’s Hotline Guided Super Metroid Players With This Forbidden Map

for anyone interested, a room that’s circled on a map is partial of a trail heading adult to a Golden Torizo trainer as good as a screw attack. so there IS a room there, it’s only opposite in a final build. so a map can technically be used, it only contains somewhat wrong information.

as for a room being from a prior build of a game, that IS probable though here’s something interesting. a diversion still has a leftover debug underline that people call a “golden torizo code”. if you’re holding A, B, X and Y during a doorway transition into a room with a Golden Torizo, a diversion will true adult give you, and this is a duplicate and pulp from a wiki:

7 Energy Tanks (interestingly, this provides a sum of 700 appetite units, not 799)
3 Reserve Tanks (300 haven appetite units)
100 Missiles
20 Super Missiles
20 Power Bombs
Every object in a game, incompatible Screw Attack

so it seems that reduce norfair seen it’s satisfactory share of changes late in a growth cycle, what with that room not relating adult and a leftover debug feature.

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