Published On: Wed, Apr 29th, 2020

Random: Nintendo’s European Twitter Accounts Are Having Too Much Fun With Animal Crossing

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After hours and hours of prudent solo play in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it can be super sparkling to finally entice a crony or dual to revisit your pleasing island. There are new sights to see, new fruits and equipment to trade and more, so it maybe comes as no warn that even Nintendo’s central channels are removing in on a action.

Yes, fine, a Twitter sell next is of march a cold small selling stunt, though usually demeanour during all those happy faces. Things kicked off this morning with a chatter from Nintendo UK, directed during Nintendo France:

Just demeanour during these island names, for goodness’ sake. The whole discuss is sore in a cold kind of way, we know? Nintendo Italia and Nintendo Nederland were next:

Next up, Nintendo DE and Nintendo España:

Finally, after one final summary from Nintendo Portugal, all of a European chums came together on Nintendo of Europe’s island. We do adore a happy ending:

It’s usually a bit of fun, sure, though it is good to see all of these Nintendo accounts couple adult like this. The replies are overwhelmingly positive, too, with copiousness praising a association for a “wholesome” calm on show.

Nice work, Nintendo.

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