Published On: Fri, Mar 29th, 2019

Random: Japan’s Kirby Merchandise Never Fails To Make Us Smile


We mostly find ourselves banging on about how sceptical we are of those vital in Japan, and during slightest 70% of that jealousy comes from a nation’s implausible operation of Kirby merchandise.

If we don’t trust us (or only wish to see some of it for yourself) feel giveaway to check out any of a following. In new times, we’ve seen a Where’s Waldo? character book, a puppet (although this one is indeed utterly terrifying), Kirby and Waddle Dee costumes for your cat, a plush Kirby designed with a solitary purpose of putting your conduct in a mouth to go to sleep, and an glorious operation of merch from a central Kirby Cafe. What a world.

Now, though, even some-more mass is on a approach interjection to an arriving Kirby-themed Ichiban Kuji. If you’re unaware, Ichiban Kuji is radically a lottery that can be played in diversion shops and convienience stores. Players buy tickets in a hopes of picking adult several prizes, and this Kirby preference will be adult for grabs during a finish of April.

In some ways, we’re utterly propitious that we don’t live in Japan; can we suppose carrying to conflict shopping tickets for this? Good grief.

Feel giveaway to squee over all of this cuteness in a comments.

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