Published On: Mon, Nov 25th, 2019

Random: Japanese YouTuber Spends $20,000 Buying Every Single Product At Nintendo Tokyo


We know copiousness of people who aren’t bashful of spending stupid amounts of income on Nintendo products, though this takes things to a whole other level.

Popular Japanese YouTuber, Hikakin, common a new video over a weekend to his 7.82 million subscribers. In a video, he takes a outing to a lovely-looking new Nintendo store in Tokyo, accidentally grabbing one of each singular object available. Wowzers.

This includes stacks of Nintendo Switch games, some-more plushies than we can count, one of each console various available, and so most more. Seriously, a video’s value a watch only to see a rows and rows of selling bags that he has after throwing all during a bad partner operative on a till.

Feel giveaway to check out a stupidity next (if we don’t have most time, things start removing quite sparkling during around a 16-minute mark). In total, he spent 2,176,758 yen, that equates to roughly $20,000.

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