Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2020

Random: It’s OK, We Didn’t Know There Was An Animal Crossing Movie Either

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing heat has gripped a universe of Nintendo interjection to a imminent attainment of New Horizons on a Nintendo Switch. But did we know that an charcterised Animal Crossing film is a thing that exists? We’re ashamed to acknowledge we didn’t know possibly until today; we’d improved palm in a ‘Diehard Nintendo Fan’ badge.

Dōbutsu no Mori launched behind in 2006, around a time that Animal Crossing: Wild World launched on a Nintendo DS. The story involves an 11-year-old lady named Ai who moves to a encampment populated by (you’ve guessed it) articulate animals, and was usually ever expelled in Japan.

In fact, it has been reliable this week that a film will be promote on Japanese TV channel Kids Station during 4PM Tokyo Time on Mar 20th to applaud a launch of New Horizons.

The bad news? The film never got a western recover behind in a day, and there don’t seem to be any skeleton to change that, even with Animal Crossing insanity during a tallness in this partial of a world. Shame.

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