Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

Random: It Turns Out That Kirby Has A Skeleton


Update: It has been reliable that a picture in doubt comes from a book published by Kadokawa/Media Factory. While this publisher does recover central Nintendo works, a sold book in doubt is not an strictly protected recover and instead depicts a author’s imagination of how Kirby competence look.

Original Article: Oh Kirby, we smashing blob of joy. From his possess lovable and charming adventures to his hammer-swinging, face-bopping antics in Super Smash Bros., Kirby has been melting a hearts for years. With his attractive pinkish caricature and ridiculously-sized feet, and even his super-squishy, jelly-like, wibbly-wobbly ways, Kirby is a comprehensive summary of family-friendly fun.

Now, take a impulse to review that judgment behind for usually a impulse (“super-squishy, jelly-like, wibbly-wobbly ways”) as we exhibit that all you’ve famous adult until this indicate is a lie. That’s right, folks, Kirby has a skeleton – an actual, full-on skeleton – and now we don’t know what to do with ourselves.


The picture has reportedly been taken from a Japanese artbook and has been present online today, presumably unfortunate anyone who sets eyes on it. As we can see, Kirby also has a mind (which we’ll accept) though we have to doubt how he can presumably crush into all sorts of shapes – while transforming into bricks and generating an unconstrained supply of hats out of skinny air, no reduction – with such a firm middle frame. We were assured he was done adult of during slightest 98% jelly.

Also, his toes indeed demeanour like small nails – if Kirby unequivocally does have a skeleton like this, we can usually assume that Sakurai-san gave him boots so that he wouldn’t frighten a children who would go on to play his games after on? Chilling.

As always, feel giveaway to share your thoughts on this in a comments below. Also, we’re sorry.

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