Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2020

Random: In Japan, You Can Buy A Nintendo Wii For 50 Cents


The Wii and DS were phenomenally successful consoles, offered over 250 million units between them worldwide. That’s good news when a complement is ‘alive’ and still removing new games, though when it’s a decade down a line, a program has dusty adult (well, almost dusty up) and online services are being disconnected, it means something else: you’re going to find millions of neglected consoles flooding a used market.

That’s a conditions that Japan appears to find itself in. One Japanese shopper snapped images inside a trade-in store that shows Nintendo DS consoles offered for 100 Yen – that’s around a dollar, or 75 pence if you’re in a UK. PS2 consoles are offered for 200 Yen ($1.86 / £1.51) while a used Wii will set we behind 50 Yen (46 cents / 36 pence). All of those prices are theme to sales tax, that creates them somewhat higher, though not by much.

Old consoles being sole for most reduction than their strange sell value isn’t large news, of course, though these prices are still a small on a violent side. Surely a Wii offers adequate party value to be value some-more than 50 cents – or maybe a emanate is that there are so many of these systems clogging adult stores that they literally have no choice though to dump them to a foolish cost in sequence to change them?

How many Nintendo DS consoles would we buy if they usually cost a dollar during your internal diversion store?

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