Published On: Tue, Nov 26th, 2019

Random: If Cranky Kong Was Once Donkey Kong, What Does The Future Hold For Funky Kong?

Too Funky In Here

With Donkey Kong Country branch 25 final week and shower adult a lion’s share of a anniversary headlines, we suspicion we’d give a younger kin a possibility to shine. Donkey Kong 64 distinguished a 20th birthday on 22nd Nov and we held adult with Mark Stevenson and Chris Sutherland of Playtonic Games, both Rare veterans and concerned in a growth of DK 64 (Mark was Lead Artist and Chris lent his melodic tones to video gaming’s many dear rap).

Obviously, we rarely advise checking out a underline for some behind-the-scenes insights into a growth of a collectathon-to-end-all-collectathons (or ‘collectakong’, if we will… Hello?). There was, however, a tidbit from a talk that didn’t unequivocally fit in anywhere notwithstanding being definitely intriguing to DK fans.

You see, as a DK true will already know, old-ape Cranky Kong from a DKC games is indeed the original Donkey Kong from a arcade game, that means his given name was once ‘Donkey’ before he got aged and altered it. As a result, we’ve always wondered about a liquid initial names of a Kong clan. Is it a personal choice? Are we forced to relinquish your name to your brood when we rise a sold celebrity trait or a thoroughfare of time ravages your once-youthful visage?

Having spent far too most time considering how this all works, we acted Mark and Chris a following question:

Nintendo Life: Seeing as Cranky Kong was a strange Donkey Kong, it seems initial names in a Kong house can change according to coming or disposition. What was Wrinkly Kong’s name before she got old? What will we call Funky Kong when one day he fundamentally loses his cool?

Having apparently deliberate this many times before (or maybe only humouring us in a entirely gentlemanly manner), Stevenson responded thusly:

Mark: Your theory is as good as mine, I’ll hang with a suspicion that if Cranky was creatively Donkey afterwards maybe Wrinkly would have been some-more like Candy Kong, maybe she was a strange Candy Kong, or maybe she had a identical honeyed sounding name like Cookie Kong or Caramel Kong. Maybe Funky Kong will turn Clunky Kong, roving around in his pimped-up mobility scooter.

Sutherland went on to expel doubt on all a truths we adhere to:

Chris: we always suspicion Cranky was a strange Donkey Kong, though we consider there are fan theories that advise differently (and if there aren’t any such theories, they will be now be combined that I’ve pronounced this).

Head criterion during a ready, people! Before Wrinkly incited all aged and well, wrinkly, she only competence have been a strange Candy Kong (or Cookie, or Caramel Kong) before flitting a flame to a subsequent generation. It seems a small astray to rename somebody since of their changing appearance, though who are we to decider a ways of a Kong?

Perhaps best of all, Funky is unfailing to turn Clunky Kong, blazing around a jungle on a mobility scooter once his knees have given out after all that surfing in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. This pleases us immensely.

Gimme Some Air!

Caramel Kong, eh? We’ll leave we with that.

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