Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2019

Random: Halo’s Twitter Account Wants Master Chief To Finish The Fight In Smash Bros. Ultimate

Halo Infinite

In box we missed it, Twitter has a accurate comment to speak about video games. Yesterday, it asked users of a height what impression they would entice to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate if they could collect anyone.

While it’s tough not to grin during a requests for Goku, Shrek and Spider-Man, some users took it a small some-more seriously, with suggestions such as Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Crash and Spyro and a ace profession Phoenix Wright. One respond that stood out from a rest, though, came from a central Halo account. No difference were needed:

We’re not certain how a Smash Bros. group would go about adding a impression such as Master Chief to a roster, though a series of other gun-wielding protagonists have done a cut before, so because not? Would we like to see Microsoft’s video diversion mascot browbeat a competition? Or would we rather see Steve from Minecraft or Banjo-Kazooie combined to a all-star cast?

Tell us down in a comments.

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