Published On: Fri, Jul 12th, 2019

Random: Grandma Finally Beats Zelda: Twilight Princess After 755 Hours, Internet Falls In Love

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The Legend of Zelda is a special array for many of us, mostly interjection to a grand clarity of journey it provides and a memories done personification by a smashing games. For this gaming grandma, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will no doubt stay in a mind perpetually – partly interjection to only how most time she’s spent personification a thing.

Reddit user u/millerischris has common images and credentials info that tell a story of his grandmother’s time with Link and co. After a whopping 755 hours, she’s managed to kick a final trainer and finish a game; Chris says he’s “incredibly unapproachable of her” and that she “absolutely loves Zelda”.

The Reddit post has left on to accept upwards of 65,000 upvotes during a time of writing, with messages of admiration, support, and goodwill (and even a matrimony proposal) pouring in from other gaming fans. You can check it all out for yourself right here if we like – some of it’s rather heartwarming to see, and a star of a uncover even combined her possess ‘GramieGreat’ Reddit comment to respond to some of them.

Proof of a logged playtime. Incredible!u/millerischris (Reddit)
Proof of a logged playtime. Incredible!

Chris has also common a series of content messages sent between himself and his grandmother during her playthrough. A integrate of her messages done us chuckle, such as “I consternation if Nintendo gives prizes for a longest time to finish Twilight Princess”, and “THE DRAGON IS DEAD!!!!”, though they also uncover how ardent a span are for a diversion and how their attribute has benefitted from a experience. Lovely stuff.

We’re large fans of Zelda ourselves, though we doubt we’d be means to put in that many hours. If you’re reading this, GramieGreat, we salute your dedication!

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