Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2020

Random: Finally, You Can Play Dark Souls On Switch The Way Nature Intended

Praise bePraise be

If we expel your mind behind to 2018 and a recover of a glorious Dark Souls: Remastered for Switch, we competence remember a tiny emanate we (and many other players) had with a game. Oh, for a many partial a Switch pier of FromSoftware’s complicated masterpiece was only excellent and dandy, yet over any support rate hiccups or teenager visible disappointments, one emanate blighted a game’s good name and has continued to do so to this really day.

We’re talking, of course, about a use of ‘B’ to endorse and ‘A’ to cancel in menu screens. The emanate stems from a fact that on PlayStation and Xbox a ‘confirm’ symbol (‘X’ or ‘A’ on those consoles’ particular pads – in a West, during least) sits where Nintendo’s ‘B’ resides during a bottom of a solid symbol formation. This has caused headaches in a few games, yet nothing where utterly so disturbing as a Dark Souls example. The fact that a choice to change a endorse and cancel buttons was visible in a menu yet inexplicably greyed out done a emanate all a worse!

Switch symbol remappingSwitch symbol remapping

Fortunately, a latest firmware refurbish for your Nintendo Switch has introduced a choice to remap any symbol on your pad and finally gives us a choice to play Dark Souls, or some-more precisely, navigate a game’s menus, a approach they were meant to be navigated on a Nintendo console, with a ‘A’ symbol confirming and a ‘B’ symbol cancelling.

If like us we imagination swapping ‘A’ and ‘B’, all we have to do is conduct into a console’s settings, corkscrew down to Controllers and Sensors and name a minty uninformed ‘Change Button Mapping’ option. Here we can remap any of a buttons on your controllers on a per-controller basis. This is particularly handy, as if we have some-more than one right Joy-Con you’ll be means to appropriate it your Dark Souls Joy-Con and moment it out when you’re streamer behind to Lordran. You’re also means to save adult to 5 presets, so it’s as elementary a routine as we could pretty expect.

It should be remarkable that there are some issues to consider about when doing this, though. Firstly, once you’ve altered a buttons, you’ll have topsy-turvy their functions for a console’s menus, too. This you’ll have to navigate behind to a diversion with caring or (and we suggest this in handheld mode) simply use a touchscreen. When returning to your Switch’s complement menu a prompt informs we that user-defined symbol mapping is in use and gives we a choice to invalidate it though going by menus again. Handy!

Secondly, swapping these buttons for a in-game menus also swaps them for gameplay. Assuming you’ve committed a default control blueprint to memory, we can residence this by swapping their functions again (in a game’s menus this time) and returning a gameplay buttons to their common configuration. Ta-da!

The in-game prompts will still be labelled incorrectly, yet omit them and we can suppose that Bandai Namco itself patched in a minute of updates and softened your Soulsian knowledge by a cause of during slightest 10,000. Our proprietor Video Producer, a poetic Alex, will positively be gratified with this new option. Hopefully it’s not too late for him…

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