Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2020

Random: Fancy This Animal Crossing Water Bottle? That Will Be $10,932.64, Please

Tom NookTom Nook

Animal Crossing heat has finally reached heat representation this week. We’ve reviewed New Horizons and given it a intense 10/10 review, and a recover of a diversion is due to take place during a finish of a week. Everyone everywhere is prepared for some island-based life-sim action, it seems – and it’s carrying an peculiar impact on Animal Crossing merchandise.

Take Controller Gear’s strictly protected Animal Crossing: New Horizons 17 oz. immaculate steel H2O bottle, for example. When it initial launched on Amazon it was labelled during a unequivocally reasonable $20, though that jumped to $26.97 and afterwards fast began to stand as a days went by.

Now, a lowest cost Amazon is charity a bottle for is an definitely violent $10,932.64. A second seller has one adult for $12,025.90, only in box we really hatred your income and wish to be absolved of it.

Animal Crossing BottleAnimal Crossing Bottle

The bottle doesn’t launch until Apr 15th, that means you’ve got copiousness of time to save adult if we unequivocally have your heart set on this product. Or we could only wait for supply to outstrip direct and a cost to lapse to something coming normal levels. Sheesh.

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