Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2020

Random: Every Nintendo 64 Game Ever Released Would Fit Onto A Single Switch Cartridge

N64 Game PileN64 Game Pile© Nintendo Life

Well, here’s a fun small fact for you. Did we know that any singular Nintendo 64 diversion ever expelled – opposite all regions – would be means to absolutely fit on one small Nintendo Switch diversion cartridge? You do now!

This engaging small tidbit was brought to a courtesy by Reddit user CorsairVI, who common a fact online with a maths to infer it. As they explain, a limit storage ability of any central N64 diversion cartridge was 64MB, definition that no diversion expelled for a complement could be incomparable in distance than that. In fact, many games would have been extremely less, though training a accurate record sizes for any diversion would be a staggering task.

A discerning hunt online suggests that, opposite all regions, a grand sum of 388 N64 games done it to retail. If we greaten a limit of 64MB by 388, that leaves we with 24,832MB. In other words, that’s 24.8 GB.

As we might know, a largest Switch cartridges accessible to publishers are 32GB in size, definition that theoretically, we could take an central Switch transport from Nintendo and hang any singular N64 diversion to ever exist on it.

Every singular N64 game... on this?!Every singular N64 game... on this?!© Nintendo Life
Every singular N64 game… on this?!

Of course, as sparkling as an central ‘Complete N64 Library’ Switch diversion would be, that will never, never occur (sorry). But it’s still flattering extraordinary to consider only how distant record has come over a final 20 years. Blimey.

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