Published On: Mon, Mar 2nd, 2020

Random: Croatia’s Second-Biggest City Misses Pokémon GO Raid Day Due To Incorrect Map Data

Sad Pikachu

Residents of a Croatian city of Split have missed out on Pokémon GO raid day given Niantic was relying on improper map data.

The hiccup was speckled by Reddit user jaleCro (thanks, VG247):

Apparently Niantic thinks that Split belongs to Italy like it did during WW2, and we got a raid day canceled though notification. Jokes aside, they seem to be regulating cells that are too big, given Split is 200km divided from Italy. we theory this was a cell, formed on reports.

The map dungeon in doubt clearly covers a easterly seashore of Italy as good as Croatia’s second-largest city, which, during World War 2, was prisoner and annexed by Italy. While it’s rarely doubtful that Niantic is relying on map information from that period, it is a rather irritating mistake to make, given a history.

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Another Redditor called BananApocalypse combined to a conversation, observant that Newfoundland is mostly missed from Pokémon GO events given a diversion doesn’t consider it’s partial of North America:

Kind of related, though I’m in Newfoundland, and apparently we’re not partial of North America. There has never been a Tauros seen here and we don’t get any of a informal exclusives.

Redditor Samerz360 reliable this, stating:

Saskatoon here, we’re too distant north for Tauros. At slightest we got Pachirisu. we consider Newfoundland is one of a final tools of a universe though a dedicated regional.

It would seem that Niantic needs to tie adult the informal bounds in destiny to equivocate irritating the fanbase. Have we beheld any inconsistencies where we live?

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