Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

Random: Competitive Melee Player Walks Off Stage In Match-Up Against Jigglypuff

“Talks of banning Jigglypuff”

Puff was never a problem, as a many distinguished impression (Fox) can arguably do all of that camping nonsense improved given he’s also faster. Camping playstyles have never been fun to watch, and Ice Climbers matchups emanate such a foolish tragedy where one squeeze fundamentally means genocide in a hands of a semi-competent player.

There are always a few problelm characters, and generally a village avoids personification in such cryptic ways. Melee didn’t turn a hulk it is by people examination Puff camp, and people generally don’t like examination Ice Climbers sequence grabs or wobbling.

Sure, winning is a goal,and we might have won a match, though you’ve mislaid a audience, and in a end, we harm a village by being so unpleasant with those tactics.

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