Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Random: Burnout’s Switch Home Menu Icon Needs To Drop The Border

Criterion Games’ illusory open-world racing pretension Burnout Paradise Remastered is now accessible on a Nintendo Switch.

Let’s only make this transparent – notwithstanding a cost being a “car crash” it’s still an outrageously quick and fun knowledge that we would rarely suggest checking out if we haven’t already.

All that aside, though, there appears to be difficulty in paradise. A Nintendo Switch subreddit user from Germany has beheld how a HOME Menu idol for Burnout has a limit around it, and well…they’re not quite happy:

I did not wanted to join a EA hate-train. And we was vehement to get Burnout on a Switch ignoring a cost tag. (edit: and we still am) But good … it seems like EA unequivocally doesnt caring about a Switch.

The idol for Burnout Paradise is not scaled scrupulously and a grid of a striking software(!) is still manifest as a limit around a tangible idol now.

I am presumption EA is already wakeful of it and it is gonna be bound by a day one patch. At slightest that is my hope. They are a rarely veteran association after all.

I know many people dont care. But for me a good idol is important. Especially on a pricey pretension like this. And given a Switch homescreen is all about a icons.

It only creates me really unhappy that nobody checked twice.

We took a screenshot of this idol on a possess Switch menu:

Nintendo Life

And here’s a close-up, if we still can’t see it:

© Nintendo / GoNintendo

While we can know how some players competence find a limit around an idol a small irritating, it’s not a finish of a world. It’s also something that can be simply updated in a future. And hey, it could be worse.

Did we notice a limit around this sold icon? How are we anticipating this remaster so far? Tell us below.

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