Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

Random: Artwork In Retro Japanese Magazine Depicts Link As A Female

Linkle 1

Back in 2015, The Legend of Zelda fanbase went furious when Koei Tecmo reliable a womanlike chronicle of Link would be combined to Hyrule Warriors Legends. As central as ‘Linkle’ was, she competence not have indispensably been a initial womanlike chronicle of a iconic character.

Twitter comment Kazzykazycom recently highlighted an impossibly aged emanate of a Japanese repository Shonen Captain, dating behind to 1986 – a same year as a recover of a strange Legend of Zelda diversion on a Famicom. As we can see above and below, a design in it depicts Link as a womanlike with red hair. This is believed to be a mistake on a magazine’s behalf.

Linkle 2
Linkle 3
Linkle 5

Even if it isn’t true to a source material, we have to admit, it’s rather poetic artwork.

Would we like to see Linkle lapse to a Zelda diversion in a future? Tell us down below.

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