Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2019

RAD Takes You To The Post-Post-Apocalypse For 3D Roguelike Action

RAD is a 3D movement diversion set in a Fallow, a solitude of a universe that has been scorched by not one, though two apocalypses.

Players will have to conflict all sorts of creatures and work to reanimate a burst and empty land we can see a a trailer and a screenshots below. It appears that your teenage protagonist doesn’t conflict really good to a poisonous radioactivity he encounters, with several mutations that will help, and we assume hinder, your progress.

From a central blurb:

The predestine of a universe depends on a player, a honeyed bat, and whatever new abilities they benefit as a universe around them ravages their body, rambling and mutating them into something distant reduction than human, though distant some-more powerful.

The aged favourite tenure ‘roguelike’ got rolled out again for this one, though Double Fine’s heading humour (glimpsed in a trailer exhibit as studio conduct Tim Schafer put in a cameo appearance) should assistance stop this sold canon from removing stodgy – we’ll find out some-more this summer.


Are we a fan of Double Fine’s games? Let us know if this catches your eye in a comments below.

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