Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Quibi gets Chromecast support on iOS and Android

If we haven’t checked out Quibi and a miss of Chromecast support was a thing holding we back: Now’s a time.

Just a few weeks after adding AirPlay support, Quibi has expelled another refurbish that brings Chromecast support into a mix.

The refurbish is live on a iOS App Store now, and is rolling out to Android inclination by a week. In a tweet, Quibi Chief Product Officer Tom Conrad says that he expects a Android refurbish to be accessible to all by Friday.

Quibi’s launch hasn’t been a resounding success a association hoped for, with owner Jeffrey Katzenberg plainly observant that it was “not tighten to what we wanted.” Putting aside either anyone wants to watch calm on their phone in 10-minute chunks, a timing positively didn’t help; they built a thing meant to be consumed on-the-go during a time when many, many people are anything though on-the-go.

Will AirPlay or Chromecast or any other streaming choice be a thing that spikes their numbers? Probably not. But for a folks who were already deliberation Quibi though didn’t wish to be stranded examination it on their phone, it could be adequate to get them to give it a spin.

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