Published On: Tue, Mar 14th, 2017

PulseHUD Tweak Replaces a iOS Volume HUD with a Clean Looking Pulse

The volume HUD in iOS is not a pleasing steer to demeanour during whenever it comes on screen. PulseHUD aims to repair that problem.

Replace a Ugly Looking Volume HUD in iOS with a Pulse Using a Brilliant Jailbreak Tweak

Whenever we press down on a volume pivotal on your iPhone or iPad, a HUD pops adult highlighting a stream volume turn of a device. While that sold small UI component gets a work done, though it’s not a flattering steer to demeanour at. For starters, it simply obstructs all that is in view. Secondly, it’s kinda annoying.

What’s a repair for a problem, we ask?

Install a jailbreak tweak called PulseHUD. It goes a prolonged approach in simply replacing a default volume HUD with a well-spoken looking pulse. It looks nice, doesn’t hinder a view, and hey, it’s customizable to any tone we like. That’s a outrageous and right there.

Compatible with iOS 7 – iOS 10 on all devices

PulseHUD reinstate a volume HUD with a well-spoken pulse. You can select a tone of a pulse
It is concordant with all others HUD tweaks.

Configure options from a Settings app

You’ll be gratified to learn that PulseHUD is designed to work with all other HUD associated tweaks for iOS. And final though not a least, all is configurable around a Settings app for your convenience.

If we are interested, we can squeeze reason of a jailbreak tweak by streamer over to a BigBoss repo in Cydia. Surprisingly, it’s free, hence there’s no mistreat in perplexing it out even if we don’t finish adult fondness it.

Here’s a video demo of a tweak in action.

Despite all a work Apple has thrown into iOS, a volume associated UI has remained unvaried for years now. It’s about time Apple went forward and transposed it with something that’s distant some-more useful and unobtrusive. But during a same time, a stream doing is designed in such a approach that give we an in-your-face reading of a stream volume levels of a device. Which, of course, is some-more functional, though competence not lay good with users who do not like things being slapped onto their faces around each corner.

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