Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2020

PSVR Survival Horror The Persistence Is Coming To Switch This Summer

@veryhoudini11 See, here’s a thing.

If I’m essay a “news” essay about a VR diversion entrance to Switch, either it’s creatively on PSVR, Oculus or Vive, I’m mentioning either or NOT it can be played on Labo VR, b/c that’s a normal thing people are going to wonder.

Hence my strange post in a form of a question:
Labo VR support?

“the labor vr isn’t technical enough”

How many people do we consider have posted things like:
“Switch isn’t technical adequate for Doom.”
Or The Witcher 3. Or Skyrim.

Just b/c we might assume Labo VR can’t hoop this diversion – and you’re substantially right, it substantially can’t – doesn’t meant a author shouldn’t discuss Labo VR in a article, either it is removing upheld or not, b/c it is a VR game.

And Labo VR has gotten a VR diversion ported before, so it is a thing that indeed happened once.

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