Published On: Sat, Dec 2nd, 2017

PSA: Is your iPhone unexpected crashing? Here’s because (and how to repair it)

Is your iOS device rebooting itself clearly during pointless this morning? You’re not alone.

Apple is carrying a flattering severe week when it comes to nasty program bugs. First there was that crazy admin login bypass in macOS – now a glitch is causing iOS inclination around a universe to crash.

Here’s what’s happening: a glitch in a notifications complement is crashing springboard, a partial of iOS that handles your home screen.

Apps with daily notifications (workout apps, remedy sign apps, etc), in particular, seem to be triggering a crash… yet usually after your device’s time passes 12:15 AM on Dec 2nd, 2017. That it originates from apps with daily notifications means it’s not inspiring everyone — yet it also creates it flattering tough to slight down a list of impacted apps. There are only too many.

The workaround: if we can get your device to foot for a few mins yet crashing and you can remember that apps send daily notifications, spin off notifications for those apps (Settings Notifications a app in doubt toggle “Allow notifications”.)

(As a final resort, we can go by and manually spin off notifications for any and each third-party app and work retrograde in branch them behind on… yet that’s a flattering outrageous pain.)

Update: Once you’ve gotten your device to stop resetting, refurbish iOS. Apple has only strictly expelled iOS 11.2 to all, and it appears to repair this emanate — yet you’ll still need to get your device fast adequate to update, first. Once you’re on 11.2, we can spin all those notifications behind on.

What we substantially shouldn’t do, yet some are recommending it, is set your complement time behind to a time before Dec 2nd. Lots of things on complicated inclination daub a complement time as partial of their encryption/certification algorithms, so things (like, say, iMessage) start to mangle when your complement time is approach off. It won’t section your device, yet lots of apps and games will act funny. If you have to do it, make certain to set it behind to involuntary when you’re done.

If your iOS device isn’t crashing after Dec 2nd during 12:15 am internal time, meanwhile, we expected don’t need to do anything. You substantially don’t use any apps with local/scheduled notifications, or you’ve already got them incited off. Curiously, this bug doesn’t seem to be impacting users using a latest iOS beta, iOS 11.2.

One could follow reports of a bug as it spreads around a world, starting in Australia. It’ll presumably start to strike West Coast US phones shortly after this post is up.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment, and will refurbish when we hear back.

[Hat tip to a folks in this reddit thread who were a initial to figure out what a heck was going on]

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