Published On: Mon, Sep 18th, 2017

PS4/XO Destiny 2 Servers Are Down In Preparation of Patch and Maintenance

Destiny 2 servers on PS4 and Xbox One are down for scheduled upkeep and a recover of refurbish Release records for a refurbish will be expelled shortly.

Bungie announced a update, that should residence “some issues”, final week, though a accurate essence of a patch are unknown. The central patch sum will be expelled as shortly as a refurbish has been deployed.

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Maintenance is approaching to be finish after this morning. Down subsequent you’ll find a server upkeep and refurbish report for Destiny 2:


Destiny 2 is accessible now for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC chronicle will be expelled subsequent month. Kai unequivocally enjoyed a game, as we can examination in his full review.

Destiny 2 is one of those singular practice that continues to warn me a some-more we play. While we wish that some-more carried over from my years with a initial game, my Awoken Warlock had a good reason to start from a commencement and work his approach adult to a truer badass than he once was. From a opening moments to prolonged over holding out a conduct of a Red Legion, there’s so most new and polished calm that no players should travel divided from Destiny 2 wanting more. Whether you’re in it for a PvE calm and raiding weekly or rolling with a fireteam in a crucible and attack a tip of a PvP ladders, there’s something for everybody. This is simply Destiny during a really best and you’re going to wish to move some friends along for a afterparty.

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