Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

ProtonMail gets a sharp new look, as remoteness tech eyes a mainstream

End-to-end encrypted email use ProtonMail has rested a design, updating with a cleaner demeanour and a some-more customizable user interface — including a ability to collect from a garland of themes (dark and resisting versions are both in a mix).

Last month a Swiss association strictly announced flitting 50 million users globally, as it incited 7 years old. Over those years remoteness tech has come a prolonged approach in terms of usability — that in spin has helped expostulate adoption.

ProtonMail’s full formation of PGP, for example, creates a bullion customary of E2E encryption invisibly permitted to a mainstream internet user, providing them with a technical oath that it can't poke around in their stuff.

Its new demeanour (see screenshot gallery below) is unequivocally usually a cherry on a cake of that underlying end-to-end encryption — though as use of a product continues to step adult it’s indispensably profitable some-more courtesy to pattern and user interface details…

Proton has also been bustling building out a apartment of capability collection that it can cross-promote to webmail users, regulating a same remoteness pledge as a sales representation (it talks about charity an “encrypted ecosystem”).

And while ProtonMail is a freemium product, that can be a red dwindle for digital privacy, Proton’s business has a credit of always carrying had remoteness engineering during a core. Its business indication is to monetize around profitable users — who it says are subsidizing a giveaway tier of a tools.

One important change to a rested ProtonMail web app is an app switcher that lets users fast switch between (or indeed discover) a other apps: Proton Calendar and Proton Driver (an E2E encrypted cloud storage offering, now still in beta).

Who’s appropriation remoteness tech?

The association also offers a VPN service, nonetheless it’s value emphasizing that while Proton’s oath is that it doesn’t lane users’ web browsing, a use design of VPNs is opposite so there’s no technical “zero access” oath here, as there is with Proton’s other products.

A disproportion of tone in a icons Proton displays in a app switcher — where Mail, Calendar and Drive are colored purple like a wider code clothing and usually a VPN is coloured immature — is maybe dictated to paint that distinction.

Other tweaks to a updated ProtonMail interface embody redesigned keyboard shortcuts that a association says creates it easier to check messages and discerning filters to arrange mails by review or unread status.

The company’s Import-Export app — to assistance users send messages so they can make a switch from another webmail provider — exited beta behind in November. Since afterwards they’ve indeed baked this functionality into ProtonMail (as a underline called Import Assistant), rather than wanting to download a apart app.

Zooming out, adoption of remoteness tech is flourishing for a series of reasons. As good as a increasing accessibility and usability that’s being driven by developers of remoteness tech collection like Proton, rising recognition of a risks around digital information breaches and privacy-hostile ad models is a together and absolute motorist — to a indicate where iPhone builder Apple now customarily draws courtesy to rivals’ privacy-hostile digital activity in a selling for iOS, seeking to put transparent blue H2O between how it treats users’ information contra a data-mining competition.

Proton, a association behind ProtonMail, is positioned to advantage from a same remoteness messaging. So it’s no warn to see it creation use of a iOS App Privacy disclosures introduced by Apple final year to prominence a possess rival distinction.

Here, for example, it’s indicating users’ courtesy to credentials information exchanges that underlie Google-owned Gmail and resisting all those approach lines feeding into Google’s ad targeting business with positively no notice during all of ProtonMail users’ messages…

Comparison of a remoteness disclosures of ProtonMail’s iOS app vs Gmail’s (Image Credits: Proton)

Commenting on ProtonMail’s new demeanour in a statement, Andy Yen, owner and CEO, added: “Your email is your life. It’s a record of your purchases, your conversations, your friends and desired ones. If left defenceless it can yield a minute discernment into your private life. We trust users should have a choice on how and with whom their information is shared. With a redesigned ProtonMail, we are charity an even easier approach for users to take control of their data.”

This news was updated with additional fact about Import Assistant

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