Published On: Mon, Sep 18th, 2017

Project Cars 2 PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed; 2.5K “Beautifully” Upscaled to 4K & Increased Graphics Fidelity

The Project Cars 2 PS4 Pro enhancements have been minute by a conduct of Slightly Mad Studios, Ian Bell.

We already knew that Project Cars 2 would advantage from a additional horsepower inside a PS4 Pro, sum weren’t released. Replying to a PS4 Pro fortitude contention in a thread on a GTPlanet forums, Bell has now supposing additional PS4 Pro details.

project-cars-2-release-4Related Project Cars 2 Will Look Significantly Better On Xbox One X Compared To PS4 Pro, Game Director Confirms

According to a studio head, Project Cars 2 will run during a aloft fortitude compared to a bottom PS4 with a diversion digest in 2560 X 1440, that is being upscaled “beautifully” to 4K. Like many PS4 Pro extended games, a diversion will substantially use ‘checkerboard rendering’ to upscale to 4K, yet this hasn’t been confirmed.

Apart from increasing resolution, Project Cars 2 will advantage from increasing visible fealty opposite a house with increasing turn of fact on cars, lane objects, grass, etc.

project-cars-2-review-01-headerRelated Project Cars 2 PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed; 2.5K “Beautifully” Upscaled to 4K Increased Graphics Fidelity

Furthermore, a Pro will offer additional lane fact meshes alongside increasing fact and fortitude with shade rendering, and increasing fact and fortitude with thoughtfulness rendering.

Project Cars 2 is scheduled for a recover after this week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The racer will be an Xbox One X extended pretension when a console releases in November. The specific enhancements haven’t been detailed, though Game Director Stephen Viljoen has reliable that a diversion will even demeanour significantly improved on Xbox One X compared to PS4 Pro.

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