Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Project CARS 2 Isn’t Running during 4K nor during Locked 60FPS on Consoles, Including Xbox One X

Yesterday, Dutch website GamersNet posted a quote from Slightly Mad Studios’ Game Director Stephen Viljoen mentioning that Project CARS 2 would run during local 4K and 60fps on Microsoft’s Xbox One X console, while a group was still determining a final specifications for Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro system.

Yes, Project CARS 2 will run 4K/60 natively on Xbox One X. […] We are not prepared to conclude a accurate fortitude on PlayStation 4 Pro yet.

However, progressing currently Slightly Mad Studios’ Ian Bell refuted that quote with a post on GTPlanet’s forums.

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Yup, this was a misquote. We’re using underling 60 FPS during 4K and we’ll substantially always be unless we dump livetrack and a horde of other things… We’ll substantially upscale from something really reasonable.

When asked possibly a diversion would run during a “locked” 60 frames per second on consoles, Bell afterwards replied that won’t be a case, either.

We don’t like a tenure ‘locked’. It would put us in initial celebration domain where chest violence is some-more critical than a good experience. We’ll be 60 many of a time in normal racing and we’ll pull a consoles to and over their boundary for some-more engaging racing. Even if that means dropping a few frames.

It sounds like a diversion will run during reduce than 4K and slower than 60fps even on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, then. Those seeking a bullion customary in gaming will have to review to a PC chronicle of Project CARS 2, as usual.

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Project CARS 2 is due to recover on Sep 22 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can check the hands-on preview from a few months behind here.

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