Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2019

Professional network for women Elpha raises seed funding

As slow-moving LinkedIn leaves room for startups to flourish, Elpha aims to emanate a tailored online network for women in tech.

The association is not usually a connoisseur of Y Combinator, though was recognised of behind a scenes of a San Francisco accelerator program. Cadran Cowansage, a co-founder and arch executive officer of a startup, was a program operative during YC from 2016 to early 2019. It was during that army that she combined Leap, a apparatus meant to assistance her and her colleagues communicate. Soon enough, she’d postulated a whole YC network of womanlike founders entrance to a tool. Then progressing this year, she motionless to spin a association out of YC entirely, rebrand and relaunch as Elpha.

“There’s a quickness that comes with building a startup and a vigour of appropriation that keeps we relocating unequivocally fast,” Cowansage, who depends Kuan Luo as a co-founder, pronounced of her preference to make Elpha an eccentric business.

“I had a thought for a prolonged time,” she told TechCrunch. “I didn’t feel like we unequivocally had a large adequate network of women who were during my turn or a bit serve along than we could go to for advice. Things like how do we get this promotion? Or my masculine peers, they are being paid some-more than me, what do we do about that? The conversations that are formidable that we unequivocally wish a woman’s viewpoint on.”

A hybrid amicable and veteran network, Elpha is meant to offer women in tech a dedicated space to promulgate around open forums and approach messages, encourage relations and build their careers. The company, that finished YC this summer, is now announcing a $1.1 million turn with appearance from Y Combinator, a accelerator’s co-founder, CEO and boss (Jessica Livingston, Michael Siebel and Geoff Ralston, respectively), as good as Maveron, Moxxie Ventures, JaneVC, Friale, Kabam co-founder and visiting YC partner Holly Liu, Block Party owner Tracy Chou and Breaker co-founder Leah Culver.

The “LinkedIn for women” charges $12,000 in annual subscription fees to companies who use Elpha to temperament intensity hires. Cowansage pronounced a association now has 20 profitable customers, many of that are venture-backed startups like Lambda School and Webflow. The Elpha group skeleton to use a seed investment to hire, horde events and continue a growth of new products, including a mobile app approaching out subsequent year.

Ultimately, Cowansage hopes Elpha will move together women in media, science, medicine and more.

“There’s a outrageous event to move women together opposite opposite industries and also emanate those sub-communities,” she said. “There’s a ton we can do from here.”

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