Published On: Tue, Jan 12th, 2021

PopSockets announces the MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 accessories

In October, TechCrunch pennyless a news that PopSockets was building a possess line of MagSafe-compatible products that will support a new wireless charging capabilities of a iPhone 12 devices. Today, during a (virtual) 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, a association rigourously introduced a arriving products for a initial time. The new line will embody 3 MagSafe-compatible PopGrips, a wallet with an integrated hold and dual mounts.

The initial of these is a new PopGrip for MagSafe, that will magnetically insert to MagSafe-compatible cases for iPhone 12 devices.

The pattern of this PopGrip clears adult some difficulty over how a PopGrip (the round, poppable dongle that people routinely consider of when they consider of “PopPockets”) will work with a MagSafe device. Instead of attaching only during a bottom of a hold itself, a hold is integrated into a incomparable bottom that attaches to a case.

Image Credits: PopSockets

Meanwhile, a hold has a swappable tip so we can change a character of your PopGrip whenever we wish though carrying to buy a whole new accessory.

This hold will also be concordant with PopSockets PopMount 2 phone mounts, including a new PopMount 2 for MagSafe, introduced today.

The PopMount 2 for MagSafe will launch as dual solutions: PopMount for MagSafe Multi-Surface and PopMount for MagSafe Car Vent. As described by their name, both products will magnetically insert to iPhone 12 inclination possibly during home or while on-the-go.

For those who use a new PopGrip for MagSafe grip, they’ll be means to leave a hold on, afterwards let a mount’s magnets insert to a base.

Image Credits: PopMount Multi Surface for MagSafe

Also new is an updated PopWallet+ for MagSafe, that is a multiple wallet and hold that lets users lift adult to 3 cards and now attaches magnetically to MagSafe-compatible phone cases for iPhone 12 devices. The wallet has an effervescent sock so we can mislay your cards though carrying to mislay a wallet from a behind of a device, and it now includes a defense to strengthen credit cards from captivating damage. The hold here is swappable, too.

Image Credits: PopSockets

Image Credits: PopWallet+ for MagSafe

There are also dual versions of a PopGrip Slide apropos available. One, a PopGrip Slide Stretch will have expanding arms that insert mechanically to a sides of many phone cases, including iPhone 12 cases. You can slip this hold to a bottom of a phone to offer as a mural mount or to insert MagSafe accessories, though carrying to mislay a grip.

Image Credits: PopGrip Slide Stretch for MagSafe

The PopGrip Slide for iPhone 12 is fundamentally a same thing, though designed to fit a Apple Silicone cases for iPhone 12 devices, some-more specifically.

Among a initial of a new accessories to strike a marketplace will be a PopGrip for MagSafe and PopWallet+ for MagSafe in open 2021.

The PopGrip Slide Stretch will launch Mar 21 on and in name Target locations forward of a broader rollout. The PopGrip Slide will launch May 1 on and in Apple Stores. And a PopMount for MagSafe line will launch in summer 2021.

The association also announced a few other non-MagSafe products, including a PopGrip Pocketable, that streamlines a hold when collapsed so a aspect is flat; a PopGrip Antimicrobial, that has an embedded silver-based diagnosis for protection; and a PopSockets x SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool, done in partnership with SOG Speciality Knives, that includes a PopGrip with a detachable multi-tool.

The association didn’t share an accurate time support for these products besides “early 2021.”

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