Published On: Sun, Mar 1st, 2020

Poll: Vote For Your Favourite Fire Emblem Games

We All Stand Together Bom Bom

Earlier this week we posted a ranking of all a Fire Emblem games that have perceived an central recover in a West. With a array this good a personal ranking was always going to be contentious, and judging from a comments that valid to be a case. With such a order in open opinion, we’ve motionless to put a opinion to a people and get a accord from we poetic lot.

Perhaps some-more than any of a other array rankings, this one valid to be a really parsimonious container indeed. Some readers generally concluded with a picks bar a peculiar tweak or demotion for a sold entry; others uttered a enterprise to spin a list wholly on a head! Being fans of a handheld knowledge when it comes to plan games, we during Nintendo Life Towers naturally gravitated towards entries on unstable hardware. As we were during heedfulness to indicate out, that is absolutely not to contend a GameCube and Wii entries are bad – distant from it – though a benevolence of portability positively influences our personal tastes.

Still, we’ve had a contend – now it’s your turn. Below we will find a same preference of Fire Emblem games that we wrangled into a ranked list. Voting is simple: collect your tip 3 favourites and strike a opinion button. This will afterwards arrange a accumulative ranking of a Fire Emblem games according to we poetic people:

It will be many intriguing to see how this village ranking compares with a personal list. As always, let’s be poetic and polite and overwhelming to any other and greatfully remember that all opinions are valid! Even wrong ones.

Jokes! Let us know how we voted below.

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