Published On: Mon, Jun 22nd, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #48


Welcome to Box Art Brawl, a weekly dust-up to find out that of 3 informal box art variants is a best.

Last week it was Shadowrun‘s spin to conflict itself. Japanese Shadowrun obliterated a foe with over 70% of your approval, withdrawal second-place North America and third-place Europe to mop adult a remainder.

This week we’re looking during Natsume’s classical 16-bit sharpened gallery diversion Wild Guns. This steampunky Western from 1994 is accessible on Switch in Reloaded form, and also as partial of a SNES library for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so there’s no necessity of opportunities to locate adult with this good diversion if we missed it behind in a day.

Enough waffle. Draw!


We start (alphabetically this week) in Europe. We can see an epic Western shootout on a dilemma of a grand canyon. However, soaring over a cowboys, cowgirls, wagons and cacti is a wicked-ass hulk armoured Terminator with a large gun instead of a right arm. Note, also, a elegant, gentlemanly trimming and empty horn things framing a discriminating cranium. If McG had put one of these into a irredeemably awful Ternimator Salvation, a film competence have been towering to ‘almost watchable’ (or during a unequivocally slightest ‘meme-able’).

Throw in a good corpulent logo, a ‘2 PLAYER ACTION’ solid and some immature drones and bullet casings violation a limit and it’s a clever excellent opener from a European PALs. It arguably gets adequate right to make a peculiar viewpoint of a city opposite a outrageous cloudy ravine only feel like a non-issue. Nice shootin’, Tex.


The Super Famicom box facilities a identical trademark detailed with some-more fact and shows protagonists Clint and Annie. It’s reduction immediately apparent though it also includes one of a mech-dude Terminators in a bottom left corner, nonetheless here it looks some-more like a Iron Giant.

We’re not unequivocally certain what’s going on in a credentials here, though like a European cover, a categorical images are clever adequate to repress other issues. Another clever entry.

North America

Essentially, a North American cover uses a same picture as a European one (or clamp versa) flipped horizontally and reframed slightly. We can see some-more of a bottom of a image, that helps make some-more clarity of a perspective, and we remove a bit of a sky during a top. It also adds a garland of tags in a mainstay on a right. Gotta have that “True arcade feel!”.

Again, there’s a lot to like. We’re not certain a white powdering on a tip of a logo, settling there like snow, was unequivocally necessary, though it’s another excellent cover. Tough week, that’s for sure.

Three covers (well, two-and-a-half?), though only one vote. Click your favourite subsequent and strike a ‘Vote’ symbol to expel your ballot:

Which segment got a best Wild Guns box art?

And that’s it for another week of a BAB! Join us again subsequent time and stay protected until then, poetic people.

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