Published On: Sun, May 24th, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #44


Welcome all to Box Art Brawl, a weekly array where we scrutinize informal box art variants from around a creation and opinion on a best.

Last week we examined a European, North American and Japanese covers of Super Turrican. At a time of writing, a easy leader is Japan with 66% of a vote. However, both Europe and North America seem tied with accurately 17% each. Having plugged into a mainframe here during Nintendo Life Towers to get a demeanour during a numbers on a behind end, we can endorse that… North America takes second place by a slimmest domain possible: one singular vote! Congratulations to North America, and commiserations to squalid Europe. So tighten to being ‘first loser’!

This week we’re looking during a Konami array that has graced us with a participation turn these tools twice before: initial in Box Art Brawl #2, and again in Brawl #19. Super C was a pier of a arcade Super Contra and combined a few new levels to a original. It’s accessible to play these days on a NES Classic Mini or as partial of Konami’s Contra Anniversary Collection on Switch, so if we missed out on a second entrance in this run ‘n’ gun series, it’s easy adequate to locate up.

Ready? Let’s tighten and load…



As with a initial diversion in a series, video diversion assault censorship meant that Contra’s tellurian protagonists, Bill and Lance, were jettisoned in foster of robots in Europe. Probotector II: Return of a Evil Forces is a singular transport these days, and anticipating a box with a stately art above in good condition will set we behind a flattering penny.

RD008 (the blue robot) and RC011 (the red one) demeanour flattering great. They’re shiny, they’ve got large guns and they’re pulling a torpedo front-cover poise for y’all. Throw in a honeyed B-movie underline and there’s a lot to like about this cover.



The Famicom chronicle sees Billy and Lance blustering baddies on a grid that’s enormous underneath them. A drooling rivalry occupies a tip of a picture while tanks, choppers and ideally spherical, contemplative bullets fly out of an peculiar portal in a background. And there’s an island with palm trees thrown in there for good measure.

Individually, a elements are accurately wish we wish on a ball-busting ’80s-inspired movement game, yet a picture lacks focus. It unequivocally needs a tighten adult of some rippling biceps or an blast to pull a eye. As it is, it’s a bit all over a place.

North America


The North American chronicle uses a same pivotal art as a Japanese variant, yet pulls in closer and gives we a improved demeanour during what’s going on. It’s still a small haphazard, yet with a trademark that recalls a strange and a silvery-grey limit providing smoothness with Konami’s other NES output, we cite this to a Japanese version, even yet it it still lacks focus.

Better than a torpedo European robots, though? Now that’s a tough call.

Humans or robots? That’s your choice this week. Click your favourite cover and strike a ‘Vote’ symbol to let us know below:

Which segment got a best Super C box art?

And so ends a Contra series’ third entrance in a Brawl of a Box Arts. We’ll see we subsequent week for another round.

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