Published On: Sun, May 17th, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #43


It’s time for another turn of Box Art Brawl, your weekly event to get uppity and dogmatic over informal cover art that once ornate a wrapping of video games around a globe.

Last week a European cover of Pikmin 2 emerged winning after scrapping with a brethren from Japan and a United States. Yes, a EU cover (which was also used in Canada) won with over half of a sum votes cast, with a US chronicle not distant behind and Japan grieving in final place.

This week we skip retrograde dual era to Factor 5’s Super Turrican on a Super Nintendo. Super! This run-and-gunner expelled in 1993, nonetheless some-more recently we competence have seen (or played) a nifty 6MB Director’s Cut of a diversion integrated into each Analogue Super NT.

Let’s cut a speak and take a demeanour during this week’s candidates, starting in North America…

North America


The North American chronicle uses art from Turrican II: The Final Fight (as did a European chronicle and a sequel), a diversion that expelled on other platforms. It is surrounded with a common NA Super NES cover accoutrement, including a tech-brag tagline. We’re suckers for that arrange of thing and “HIGH-TECH TERROR IN FULL DOLBY SURROUND SOUND” pushes a right buttons only right. Less acquire are a endorsements baked into a cover here from GamePro and EGM. Actually, a EGM on is fine, yet while a GamePro one gives us a shot of nostalgia (ah, remember a days of ‘Fun Factors’?), it’s a distractingly nauseous box that hides a peculiarity pivotal art below.

Top it all off with a pleasing red-orange-yellow logo, not to discuss that snazzy publisher trademark from Seika, and you’ve got a clever opener that could have been better.



The Japanese cover used totally opposite design that focuses on a figure with a gun who looks not distinct a Guyver. We like a bullion embossed trademark over a fiery ball-thing and a credentials conveys a clarity of transformation good enough. The confused blue backdrop feels a small bland, though. And Tonkin House’s publisher trademark (the yellow oval in a bottom right corner) is, frankly, rubbish.

So once again, decent, yet could do better.



The European chronicle flips a art used in a NA various (presumably so a trademark could stay in a centre though restraint a perspective of a large gun) and we get a glance of some creatures flanking ol’ Tony Turrican. The whole picture is reduced in distance compared to a American version, as is a logo, and there’s an awful lot of black on this cover that competence have been improved used.

This chronicle has a token distracting yellow box interjection to a Hudson Soft logo, a genuine mood torpedo if we’re honest. It also loses a tagline and feels (to us) like a watered-down, regressive take on a North American cover.

So, there they are. They’ve all got their faults, yet that one floats your boat? Click your favourite and strike a ‘Vote’ symbol to let us know below:

Which segment got a best Super Turrican box art?

And that’s your lot for this round. Join us again subsequent weekend when 3 some-more possibilities come on down for some rough-and-tumble. See we then!

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