Published On: Mon, May 11th, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #42


Welcome behind to Box Art Brawl, a weekly hitch where informal box art variants conflict for leverage and a devotion of we poetic people.

Last week we watched The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask applaud a 20th anniversary by giving itself a sound thrashing in this crucible of open opinion. Ultimately, a Japanese chronicle took a bullion award with a gentle win over Europe, while North America trailed behind and picked adult a bronze.

This week we conduct into a garden with Pikmin 2 for GameCube. Captain Olimar’s lapse in 2004 was a desirable supplement that introduced a universe to Louie and both White and Purple Pikmin. The diversion also got a New Play Control recover for a Wii in 2009 and it unequivocally is value digging out possibly of those consoles if we never got around to Pikmin 2 behind in a day (at slightest while we wait for a fleeting subsequent entrance in a series).

Let’s reacquaint ourselves with Hocotate Freight’s favourite employees.



The Japanese cover for Pikmin 2 retains a thesis of a strange game’s art (which had a lineup of a 3 primary phony Pikmin opposite an orange credentials with flowers) and updates it with a new Pikmin in a Usual Suspects-style lineup.

We like a clover pattern and a small flowers widespread throughout, and a sign of a Japan-exclusive Pikmin 2-e e-Reader diversion for Game Boy Advance in a bottom right. Understated, plain things from a East, then.



The pivotal art used for a European recover again highlights a healthy environment with one of any Pikmin on a bend and some beautifully luscious fruit on display. It wasn’t until we examined a shot recently that we beheld a meaningful Bulborb eyeing them in a background.

With a magenta-flowered new Pikmin combining a ‘2’ in a trademark (as they do in a Japanese version), we really most suffer a charming, relaxing demeanour of this cover. It’s good to get behind to inlet now and then.

North America


Specifically we’re looking during a US chronicle here, not a Canadian cover that was a same as a European variant. The trademark is a same yet a art shows Olimar on a lily pad lobbing Pikmin during a outrageous red beastie aggressive from a water. All 5 Pikmin are benefaction and correct, and we also see Louie holding a drop during a bottom.

It’s energetic and packaged with that Pikmin charm, nonetheless it arguably lacks a concentration of a others. We like a good movement shot, though. It’s a tough choice this week, that’s for sure.

And that’s your lot. We reckon it’s gonna be a parsimonious one, so click your favourite and strike a ‘Vote’ symbol subsequent to… do what it says on a button:

Which segment got a best Pikmin 2 box art?

And that’s a finish of Brawl #42. Yes, final week was #41 notwithstanding what a title pronounced originally. Are we suggesting we can’t count, or have taken one too many blows to a conduct after all this meaningless cover art violence? Whatevs. Stay protected everyone, and join us subsequent week for Box Art Brawl #311.

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