Published On: Mon, Apr 27th, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #40


Are we back? We’re back. Yes, it’s time for another book of Box Art Brawl, a weekly open opinion where we confirm a best (or ‘least bad’) of 3 informal box art variants.

Last week we watched cult classical Wetrix take itself to task. Following a soppy and furious wrestling match, a Japanese cover emerged dripping yet victorious. Europe wasn’t distant behind and North America was left to mop adult a mess.

This week we’re behind with a Capcom classic: a one and usually Mega Man for a Nintendo Entertainment System (or Famicom in a East). Few video diversion covers are utterly as barbarous as a North American version, yet after featuring a blue bomber’s third tour behind in Box Art Brawl #6, it was usually a matter of time before we looped behind turn and took a demeanour during another diversion from a small guy’s catalogue.

Enough waffle. Arm cannons (and pistols) during a ready, people!

North America


Let’s usually get this out of a way, hmm? This is one of a many (in)famous video diversion covers of all time. It’s so preposterously bad that it inverts a surrounding space-time and roughly becomes ‘good’.

The pivotal word in that judgment is ‘almost’, though. If your 7-year-old brought this home from school, you’d substantially disremember a peculiar proportions of a suggested protagonist. You’d combine on a poetic colours rather than a fact he appears to have a left leg and another left leg trustworthy to his groin in reverse. You’d regard a flattering colours of a blazing city in a background, and admire a poetic palm trees and surreal whatever-it-is on a left…

You substantially wouldn’t take it in to work and remonstrate them to use it on a cover of this ‘Rock Man’ diversion they were bringing over from a company’s homeland. No, your 7-year-old’s portrayal would get stranded on a fridge where it belonged until frosty to unconcern by object or ripped to patches when a cat got reason of it.



Colourful characters. Sensible composition. Shiny logo. Oversized cartoon-style explosve violation a frame.

The strange Japanese chronicle has it all and gives us a good demeanour not usually during Rockman, yet also his drudge enemies. The brown-coloured blobs that presumably etch rocks seem some-more like tasteless nuggets a some-more we look, yet a executive collection of characters is energetic adequate to pull your eyes divided from a credentials anyway.

It’s a good ‘un. A yellow limit competence have been better, yet this isn’t bad during all.



The European chronicle gets a bespoke and rather poetic square of pivotal art that could really good be a print for a mid-’80s film chronicle of a game. The impression has a correct arm cannon and a moustachioed Dr. Wily looks down over a hollow as drudge masters deplane on a hero. There’s a large den in a credentials and a whole garland of rocks that thankfully doesn’t demeanour like they were shovelled off a building during a stables.

That this cover diverges from a strange Japanese chronicle of a impression competence count opposite it in your view, yet we consider a picture here is illusory in a possess right. The blue limit was a Capcom customary during a time (as was a North American’s limit in that territory), and we possibly puncture a consent it provides or we don’t. We’re split.

And there we are! Kitsch newness value, strange anime intent, or oddly-realistic reimagining? Click your favourite below, strike a ‘Vote’ button, and demeanour during ’em go!…

Which segment got a best Mega Man box art?

The original, and a best? We’re certain we haven’t seen a final of a Mega Men around these parts, yet that’s all for this week. Stay safe, poetic people, and we’ll see we subsequent time!

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