Published On: Mon, May 4th, 2020

Poll: Box Art Brawl #40


Welcome to a 41st book of Box Art Brawl, a weekly opinion to find a best of a garland of informal box art variants from video gaming’s past.

Last week we had a blast from a past with Mega Man returning to a brawl. Perhaps as expected, a infamously bad North American cover finished in final place, nonetheless a European various managed to reject a Japanese strange from a tip spot. Congratulations to Europe, nonetheless we’re certain we haven’t seen a final of Mega Man around these tools – keep an eye out for a rematch.

In a meantime we’re jumping brazen to a Nintendo 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, a diversion that distinguished a 20th anniversary progressing this week. The Zelda array formerly seemed in Box Art Brawl #9 and this game’s evident prototype took itself on in a close-fought conflict in #27.

That’s all in a past, though. Let’s take a float to Termina…

North America


The North American box focuses on a poetic purple trademark with a suggested facade replacing a Hylian defense of Ocarina of Time. The pointed small ‘Collector’s Edtion’ mill board sits during a bottom (the cartridge in a Collector’s Edition had a special holographic sticker) and a multicolored aura emanates from behind a logo. On a right you’ve got a customary North American red frame and marginal information.

The logo’s a leader in a books. The cover has impact, yet a fuzz of colours in a credentials says zero about a game. Of course, we could disagree that a trademark does all a articulate only as it did with Ocarina. Still, with so most lovely, surreal pivotal art accessible it’s maybe a contrition that this cover didn’t prominence some of a game’s oddness.



The European chronicle takes a same trademark and puts it on a abounding immature background. If we demeanour quickly, it’s easy to skip that a credentials shows a pivotal art of Termina and a inhabitants, with Young Link on horseback holding a Zora mask.

The pointed bullion highlights in a Nintendo 64 trademark outline and a ‘PAL Version’ during a bottom work beautifully opposite a green, as does a purple of a title. By this time in a system’s life Nintendo of Europe had given adult on a black borders and this diversion positively benefits.



Finally, a Japanese box got another square of art with Link and Epona above a collection of figures–bosses, facade transformations and even a Happy Mask Salesman–rendered over a spectrum of colour. The trademark is benefaction and correct, nonetheless it’s smaller and gets a small mislaid in a colour underneath Link and his lovable steed. We like how evocative of a diversion it is, nonetheless a brilliance of a European cover and a arrogance of a vast trademark substantially just edges a personal vote. You’re a ones with a power, though.


This week we’ve got dual bonuses for you! In Japan a box above came in a bigger box that enclosed a compulsory Expansion Pak (there was also a apart cart-only recover of a diversion that used a same picture as subsequent yet put a large nauseous red frame along a bottom):

Lovely, no? If this sways your opinion for Japan, we're not gonna stop you...Lovely, no? If this sways your opinion for Japan, we're not gonna stop you...
Lovely, no? If this sways your opinion for Japan, we’re not gonna stop you…

And as another small bonus, here’s what Nintendo went with for a 3DS recover of a game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D:


And there we are! They’ve all got their pluses, yet it’s a minuses that’ll confirm this round. Click your favourite and strike a ‘Vote’ button…

Which segment got a best Majora’s Mask box art?

Let us know subsequent what we (dis)like about any of a possibilities this week, and we’ll locate we subsequent time on Box Art Brawl.

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